The messenger logo still in scandal over Super Cup tickets

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, July 1
After a scandal-prompted crack down, the web page ( found itself in trouble again as people are still complaining about the technical slowdown of the web page that hinders them in buying tickets for UEFA Super Cup game between Barcelona-Seville scheduled on August 11, 2015 at Tbilisi Dinamo Arena.

Technical Director of the site Giorgi Chkhikvishvili stated on June 29 that UEFA supported the web page in settling the previous breakdown.

He also informed consumers over the rules of purchasing the tickets. He stressed that tickets would be sold only one by one.

“Fifty individuals will be able to visit the site in a minute and tickets will be sold one by one. The people will be given their queue number and be informed concerning the period of time they will have to wait. One man can buy four tickets at maximum,” Chkhikvishvili said and noted that the site has not been sanctioned by UEFA for its recent failures.

However, it turned out that those who wished to buy tickets were automatically signed out and sent to the end of the queue, negative comments blown up social networks.

The web-page administration said that the problems were likely to be caused by the sheer number of consumers, but they admitted that the web-page security system also failed to meet the challenges.

They said that the situation is being controlled now and they are doing their best to settle the problems shortly.

Meanwhile, the Football Federation has addressed the law-enforcement bodies to take an interest in the issue as the problems might be connected to sabotage.

The web page is an authorized side for buying the tickets for the game at the Dinamo Arena inTbilisi.

The Football Federation of Georgia called upon the fans to buy tickets only on the authorized website, but most users were unable to buy them. The delays caused serious discontent among the fans, for the match is very important and only 30,000 tickets are on sale, with 24, 000 for Georgian fans.

The site has a contract with the UEFA, which will get 45,000 Gel for selling the match tickets in Georgia, but due to delays the fans demanded that the Football Federation break off the contract and find another way of selling tickets without problems.

The administration of explained that because of the large number of users the site overloaded and technical problems arose.

They denied the rumors that the tickets were being secretly sold.