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Why are we forced to beg for NATO membership?

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 10
MP Gogi Kavtaradze, who is well known for his critical attitude towards NATO, addressed Parliament of Georgia on July 8 and said that Georgia is made to beg for the NATO membership and it is damaging to national pride.

“Why are we made to beg and ask for NATO membership? I cannot believe that some of the member states have more deserved to be the members of the alliance. Take a look at our guys who are fighting along with the NATO servicemen. We should let our partners in NATO know that just like human beings, states also have pride and dignity.” Kavtaradze said.

Parliamentary opposition criticized Kavtaradze for the statement and said the MP voiced the state position and it is alarming that government’s pro-Western policy has been changing gradually. The opposition parties have requested the government to make an official statement and distance itself from anti-Western statements.

MP Davit Darchiashvili from the United National Movement spoke to media and said Kavtaradze is not the only MP from the ruling coalition who constantly criticizes NATO partner states. Darchiashvili claims former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili who he claims still has strong influence on the government is to be blamed for strengthening anti-Western positions in Georgia.

MPs representing the ruling Georgian Dream Coalition do not think Kavtaradze has made alarming statements. Dvait Berdzenishvili from the republican’s party said the coalition has no issues in relations with NATO and neither is it going to change its pro-Western position.

“Georgia stands firm on its way to Euro-Atlantic integration,” Berdzenishvili said.

While the ruling majority constantly reiterates that it is not going to change its foreign policy and remains loyal to its pro-Western aspirations, it seems that anti-Western forces in Georgia have been gaining lot of strength recently, which may have a big impact on the upcoming Parliamentary elections.