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Government plans to give communal vouchers to socially vulnerable only

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, July 28
Even though the rule of issuing communal vouchers may change, according to the CIty Council Chairman Giorgi Alibegashvili, the main factor in changing the rule will be the protection of the vulnerable population's interests.

"This topic is already being discussed. We must clearly define who will be entitled to subsidies in order to avoid the misuse of government resources. This issue is now being discussed in City Hall, while later the City Council will discuss it in detail. Our main focus will be to protect the interests of the vulnerable population," stated Alibegashvili.

Earlier this month, due to an increase in consumer electricity prices, the Government made a statement that all the vulnerable part of society would get voucher and cover the increased price.

However, representative of the United National Movement (UNM) Irakli Abesadze made a statement on July 27, which states not all the vulnerable will receive the voucher.

"While the situation in the country is worsening, the salaries of governmental bodies keep increasing. That is why we plan to raise the issue during the upcoming session of the City Hall," stated Abesadze.

He added that the residents should be given the vouchers and the government members should refuse their salary supplements for it.

Member of the Georgian Dream coalition (GD) Jaba Samushia said that reforms are needed in this field.

"However, the government must make focus on the first stage, helping the parts of society who need it the most," stated Samushia.