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Turkey-Iran gas pipeline blown up in eastern Agri province

Wednesday, July 29
Turkey-Iran gas pipeline blown up in eastern Agri province, energy minister Taner Yildiz said on July 28, Anadolu Agency reported.

He said that the explosion caused panic among local people.

Turkish air force destroyed the military camp of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Hakurk in Iraq’s north July 27.

It is the second PKK camp bombed by Turkish air force in the last two days. Earlier, Turkish air force bombed the PKK camp in Metina in Iraq’s north.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu previously said that the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq supports Turkey’s operations against the PKK.

Turkish air force started large-scale operations July 25 in Iraq’s north where the PKK camps are located. No details of the operation have been reported.

The Turkish Parliament adopted the so-called Syrian mandate in 2012. Under this mandate, Ankara is empowered to take any measures against terror and other threats against the country, repulse the threat that can come from terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria, protect the country’s interests before and after the crisis, as well as, in the case of necessity, to involve the army in the military operations in other countries (Syria and Iraq). (