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Who will receives vouchers for increased electricity price?

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, July 29
The government plans to end communal vouchers for vulnerable families if their vulnerability score exceeds 70,000. The statement was made by the, head of the City Council faction United National Movement (UNM) Irakli Abesadze.

According to him, the UNM is going to protest against the government’s decision at City Council meeting.

"This is another lie from the Georgian Dream (GD). The electricity tariff will be increased instead of reduced with 50% as GD promised to Georgian society. Besides, Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania promised that they would preserve the voucher system adjusted to the old tariff system." stated Abesadze.

According to him, the electricity tariff will presumably be increased for Tbilisi in September and Tbilisi City Hall will not have enough money to provide subsidies to socially vulnerable families by that time.

He also said that the total budget for communal vouchers was cut by 8 million this year.

“City Hall has already spent 28 million on vouchers and only 8 million is left. Therefore, City Hall does not even have enough money to fund communal vouchers for vulnerable families with scores above 70,000,” Abesadze stressed.

The first deputy of Chairman of City Council Giorgi Tkemaladze said that decision over the issue is not made yet.

“We still have to make final decision, but before that we need to check all the resources and variants,” he said.

Narmania said that the Mayor’s Office doubled vouchers for socially vulnerable people.

“I assure you, the Mayor’s Office will cover the increased tariff for vulnerable people,” stated Narmania.

Earlier this month, due to the fact of consumer electricity price increase, government made a statement that all the vulnerable part of society would get voucher and cover the increased price.