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Foreign analysts speak on Russian threat in case of Israel-Iran conflict

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, August 6
The current government of Georgia stresses that unlike its predecessor, it has managed to reduce tension with Russia.

However, the approach does not guarantee at all that a new assault from Russia is excluded.

Foreign analysts stress that Russian aggression might be pushed through the possibility of an Israel-Iran conflict.

The analysts believe that in the case of war among Iran and Israel, Russia might occupy Georgian territory in order to reach Giumri military base located in Armenia by land.

The world’s six major powers made an agreement with Iran over restriction of nuclear weapon production.

Based on the agreement the international community will monitor Iran’s nuclear constructions.

Israel, the major ally of the United Stated in the middle east, stresses that the agreement is unacceptable for its interests, as Iran-Israel are in hostile relations and Iran does not recognize Israel as an independent state at all.

Analyst of Washington Institute Ana Borchevskaia stresses that Russia tries to display that it is in friendly terms with all the states, including Israel.

“However, Russia supports Iran more,” she says. If Israel attacks Iran, Russia will use the occasion to empower its positions in the region and invade the Georgian areas to pave a direct route to Armenia,” the analyst says.

The analyst states that only Israel’s military capacities would not be sufficient for bombing the vast area of Iran, its airports among them.

“In such a situation Israel will be in need of the United States' support,” she suggests.

Former US official Dov Zakheim offers that the chance of Israel’s attack on Iran is minimal, as Israel will risk much in this case.

“There will be no guarantee for Israel that it will achieve success, and in the situation if Israel succeeds Iran will try to create a nuclear weapon,” he said.

When it comes to Russia the analyst states that Russian actions are perilous both for its neighbors and American interests.

He believes that the United States should strengthen its military presence in the region.

The Ukraine officials stress that Russian actions are very dangerous for Europe.

“Russia will not concede its interests and aggression unless Europe stops it. Fighting in Ukraine is fighting for Europe as well,” Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshchenko said.