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Police detains Georgian citizen for purchase, possession and import of especially large quantities of drugs

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 2
Georgia’s law-enforcement bodies have conducted several operations in the month to detect new routes of drug trafficking.

The officers of the Adjara Regional Main Division detained resident of Batumi Shmagi Sh, 25, on August 31 for the illegal purchase, possession and illegal import of drugs in Georgia.

The police have informed media that they seized 11,331 gr of drug substance from the individual which according to expertise contained 4,5365 gr of heroin.

The detainee has already pleaded guilty.

An investigation is in progress now on the charge of illegal purchase, possession and import of drugs in especially large quantities on the territory of Georgia.

Georgia’s Interior Ministry together with some other relevant bodies have already conducted several successful investigations and operations in previous days.

Three foreigners were detained at Tbilisi International Airport for allegedly bringing large quantities of drugs into Georgia on August 26.

A citizen from Brazil and two from South Africa were detained for allegedly importing 4kg cocaine and 14kg of marijuana into the country.

Before their detention on August 19, Georgian officials detained four people (two Brazilian citizens, one from Ecuador and another from South Africa) for allegedly importing drugs into Georgia and the possession of large quantities of narcotics.

The four people were detained at Tbilisi International Airport as they allegedly attempted to smuggle 196 packages containing almost 2.23kg of cocaine into Georgia.