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Pilot subjects at schools to encourage civil education

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, September 16
A new educational pilot project entitled as 'Me and Society' is planned to be launched in schools beginning from the next academic year. The project, which caused controversy amongst the public, will be taught to 3-4 graders.

Dissatisfaction was caused due to different terminology and the emphasis on certain aspects of the syllabus.

According to Businessman Levan Vasadze, the Patriarch Ilia II summoned the Minister of Education and Science Tamar Sanikidze and demanded changing the project.

The Ministry of Education confirmed information that they had a meeting with the representatives of the Patriarchate.

“However, I was not summoned, it was a request not demand, and some individuals must be more polite while talking about patriarch,” stated Sanikidze.

Father Ioane said that this was first case when the Patriarchate and the Ministry of Education had discussions over educational programs.

“We had a few remarks regarding this project. Mainly it was terminology, however, we also think that students of 3rd grade are too young to understand what gender and other used terminology really means,” he stated.

Some politicians dislike the project and addressed the Prime Minister with their concerns.

Member of the Burjanadze – United Opposition Party Dimitri Lortkipanidze said that they estimate the project as psychological violence on underage individuals.

Meanwhile, several Non-Governmental Organizations approved the project.

“This subject will help children to realize the world they live in better and to be more tolerate toward the society, and the Patriarchy must not be involved in the process,” stated the director of the Tolerance Center Eka Tchitanava.

Beside the 'Me and Society' programme, the ministry plans to launch one more project, 'Me and the Motherland', which will be taught to 6-7 grade students.