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Ex-policeman spreads scandalous video records about MIA officials

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, October 1
Former police lieutenant Giorgi Babunashvili, who has spread scandalous video records about high rank officials, is in Europe asking for political asylum.

Before leaving Georgia, the ex-policeman sent compromising video materials about the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) to the news portal Palitra + and newspaper Kronika and asked them to spread the content.

One of the main figures of the videos is the Deputy Head of State Security Service Levan Izoria’s brother, who was stopped by the patrol police for violations of road safety rules. This person showed the officers a special permit, a so-called“ Narushilovka”, which allows its owner to drive without any obstacles.

The materials show that hundreds of people have such permits, even those who are not working in the MIA. These people are the relatives, friends or close persons of the MIA officials and employees, who ask patrol officers for such favours when they are not on duty, like escorting them after wedding on their way home and etc.

According to the official explanation, the so-called permit (the Narushilovka) is issued by the permission of the Internal Minister in exceptional cases for operational workers of the police, who are undertaking special tasks.

The document allows its owners to move through the country or even cross the border without any impediments and transit everything - even guns. However, the border guards or police officers have no right to stop or search the car.

Giorgi Babunashvili says that he was fired from the MIA 8 months ago. He attributes his dismissal to the incident with citizen Eka Kurshitashvili, who was stopped by him and for violating road rules and who was demanding from the officers to release her because she had relations with high-rank MIA officials.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Mgebrishvili said that such permits have been issued since 2009 year.

“The regulations of issuing such documents are quite vague and we are working on the project, which will regulate this sphere,” said the Minister two days ago.

On September 30 the Minister stressed that the special cards were rejected and a new rule would be applied to the permissions in the coming days.

“All those people who have the cards will no longer use them until a new regulation comes into effect,” the Minister said.

According to the Head of State Security Service, Vakhtang Gomelauri, an investigation has been launched concerning the incident.

"The investigation is going on, and we will wait for the results; if someone turns out to be guilty in the abuse of power, they will be punished accordingly," he said.

Moreover, the MIA has stated that concerning the issue, a work examination of the MIA employees has started.