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Georgian Govít supports grape harvest in Racha region

Friday, October 9
The Government of Georgia is supporting the wine sector in Racha-Lechkhumi region ahead of the harvest season.

The state announced it was ready to pay five GEL per kilogram of ripe Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes. Meanwhile, the private sector was paying two to three GEL for the same grape types.

Georgiaís Agriculture Minister Otar Danelia explained the Government was doing its best to maximally supporting the high-mountain population and purchasing the grapes at a high price was part of this support.

Local Governor Papuna Margvelidze said the region expected to enjoy about 100 tonnes of high quality grapes this season.

Danelia also summerised this yearís harvest and said it was very successful for the country, taking into account decreased demand on grapes.

Already 123,052 tonnes of grapes have been processed in Georgiaís wine-producing Kakheti region.

The National Wine Agency reported farmers had benefited more than 83 million GEL by selling grapes so far this year.

Of the different grape varieties in Georgia, the Rkatsiteli variety was the most harvested.

Already this season, about 65,116 tones of Rkatsiteli grapes have been picked, followed by Saperavi grapes (about 42,486 tones) then Kakhuri Mtsvane grapes (2,817 tones).

The remaining 12,634 tones of harvested grapes was mix of other varieties. (