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Friday, October 9
Up to 40 Georgians detained in Greece

According to the Georgian Ambassador to Greece Joseph Nanobashvili, up to 40 Georgians have been detained for their illegal presence in Greece, but they are not on a hunger strike at this time, Nanobashvili told IPN in response to a question about reports that 40 detained Georgians are on a hunger strike.

According to Nanobashvili, the Georgians were arrested at some time over the previous two weeks.

"There was a minor incident last night, but we have information that the hunger strike is not going on any more. At this moment, the Consul and the police attache are in the detention centre. In addition, official permission has been given to us to observe the process,” said Nanobashvili.

He added that the consulate has already launched all necessary consular procedures. "So, there is no reason for concern,” he said.

As for the information regarding the hunger strike, the Ambassador said that some Georgians living in Greece spread unverified information.

According to him, the arrests are not the result of any measure against Georgians, but simply part of a routine check of the legality of foreign citizens’ presence in the country. (

Let Georgia Play in Six Nations – Sign the petition!

The petition, entitled "Let Georgia Play in Six Nations" was published on the website. The petition started by Nick Inasaridze is addressed to the Six Nations and CEO of World Rugby, Brett Gosper.

“As we all know, the Georgian National Rugby Team is the best team among the European Tier 2 countries. This year, Georgia defeated Tonga at the World Cup. In the last few decades, Georgian rugby has grown considerably. Georgian rugby players are some of the best among the rugby league teams. Georgia has a talent and needs more experience playing with other strong European teams. We can change it and let Georgia play in the Six Nations. We all love how they play and they will play even better. Let’s make it happen!” the petition reads. (

Internal Affairs Ministry fired one policeman and gave warnings to two other officers

The Interior Ministry has released a statement regarding a recent accident in Batumi.

It is said that the Inspector General's Office received information that during the road accident, an officer of Central Criminal Police Department, identified only as Kedelidze, committed a disciplinary offence. As a result of the inspection, Kedelidze was dismissed from the police force.

A disciplinary sanction in the form of a severe reprimand was imposed on two other police officers.

The Police once again emphasized that the response of the General Inspection in connection with the car accident was immediate and adequate. (

Representatives of Belgian Federal Police from Criminal Analysis body visited MIA

Representatives of the Belgian Federal Police from the Criminal Analysis body are visiting the MIA for 3 days in order to introduce the Belgian model of intelligence-led policing to respective MIA units.

Analysis-led policing is a contemporary police activity widely applied by the world's leading law enforcement structures; such a model supports the reduction of crime, its prevention, as well as increasing the effectiveness of investigations. The strengthening of analytical work and the implementation of early risk assessment systems formed part of a recommendation to the MIA given by the European Commission within the framework of the visa-liberalization action plan. Participants from the MIA's respective units will assist with the implementation of the given-policing practice model in their agencies.

Within the framework of the event, the experts will also visit police units and will become familiar with the specifics of analytical work conducted within investigation processes by the MIA.

The event is organized on behalf of the International Organization for Migration. (

Armenian police chief and the Georgian Interior Minister discuss collaboration

The Chief of Police of Armenia, Vladimir Gasparyan, who is on a visit to Georgia, met with the country’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Mghebrishvili.

Separately, they laid a wreath to the monument dedicated to police officers that have fallen in the line of duty, reported the Gruzia Online news agency of Georgia.

At the talk, Gasparyan and Mghebrishvili discussed cooperation, and future plans in the activities of their respective law enforcement agencies.

The interlocutors also underscored the fight against crime and the development of collaboration efforts, and expressed the hope that cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of Armenia and Georgia will grow deeper. (

The civil sector getting introduced with the main directions of the budget in the Parliament

The representatives of the civil sector on human rights met with the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee to study the draft on State Budget 2016 and the attached documents.

NGOs expressed their opinions and remarks. As noted, prior to planning the budget, the remarks expressed by NGOs at the initial meetings with the Committee are mostly reflected in the fiscal document, which was positively evaluated.

The representatives of the NGO “Democratic Initiative of Georgia” asked about financing initiatives in particular directions, specifically with regards to the implementation of criminal policies and the financing of religious organizations.

The Deputy-Chair of the Committee, Gedevan Popkhadze, noted that NGOs have expressed grounded remarks. The advisory groups at the Committee have timely introduced their remarks and recommendations in order to simplify relations between the Committee and the Finance Ministry. (

Council of Europe withdraws from joint working group on human rights issues in Azerbaijan

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, today informed the Committee of Ministers of his decision to withdraw the Council’s participation in the joint-working group on human rights issues in Azerbaijan.

Since October 2014, a Council of Europe representative has been attending meetings in Baku intended to revive the dialogue between civil society and Azerbaijani authorities. Despite this initiative, the overall situation of human rights defenders in the country has deteriorated dramatically. An increasing number of human right defenders have recently been imprisoned, and the Council of Europe has received worrying reports about unacceptable detention conditions.

Prior to his intervention at the Committee of Ministers, the Secretary General had informed Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev of his decision.