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Georgian wine a favourite at Decanter World Wine Awards 2015

Wednesday, October 28
Georgian wine has been recognised and praised at the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA), the world’s largest and most influential wine competition.

While celebrating the event’s 40th anniversary, DWWA judges selected their favourite wines of 2015, among them was the Georgian Tsolikouri wine variety.

Georgian wine was recommended by the food, wine and travel writer and photographer Carla Capalbo.

"I love wines that make you question the status quo. This beautiful, amber-coloured white is made – as many of Georgia’s best wines are – in a qvevri (large traditional clay vessels buried in the ground),” she wrote.

"Ramaz Nicoladze produces it from 100-year-old Tsolikouri vines in the Imereti hills of central Georgia, with three months of stem-free skin contact.

"The wine’s exotic notes of spice, apricots and tea ride with exciting energy to a finely tannic, elegant finale and go just wonderfully with food,” Capalbo added.

Italian, Portuguese, South African and Australian wines were also among the favourite wines chosen by the judges. (