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MIA calls on public to voluntarily submit unregistered weapons to police departments

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 1
The Interior Ministry calls on the public to voluntarily submit unregistered weapons to police departments in order to avoid criminal charges.

The Head of Central Criminal Police Department. Mikhail Dzagnidze, made a statement in this regard at a special briefing and explained that all illegal weapons are a potential threat to public safety.

He said that due to the widespread possession of unregistered firearms, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) continues to fight against the illegal turnover of weapons.

"We have begun complex activities aimed at strengthening crime detection. We aim to prevent serious crimes and prevent illegal weapons from being illegally sold. Due to this initiative, the police prevented a number of grave crimes, such as robbery, murder, attempted murder, grievous bodily injury, and more,” stated Dzagnidze.

According to him, keeping and carrying an unregistered weapon is punishable by imprisonment of 4 to 6 years.

“At the same time, we want to remind the public that in accordance with the law, a person who will bring unregistered weapons voluntarily to police departments will be relieved of criminal responsibility. The Interior Ministry will continue the struggle against the illegal turnover of weapons,” stressed Dzagnidze.

The latest official figures revealed that 47 people were arrested in Georgia for the illegal purchase, possession and carrying of unregistered firearms in October and November this year.

Over two months, 50 firearms were seized; namely 31 pistols, 10 automatic weapons, three revolvers, three rifles and three sawed-off guns, two hand grenades and 1,016 bullets for various types of arms.