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Tuesday, December 1
Free Democrats Criticise Tea Tsulukiani

Tea Tsulukiani has become part of farce and falsehood, the Free Democrats leader Irakli Alasania told the Kviris Palitra newspaper.

Alasania discussed the approval of Irakli Shotadze as the new Chief Prosecutor, saying that he was promoted in exchange for the future fulfilment of political orders.

"A year ago I said that Shotadze was promised to be promoted to the Chief Prosecutor’s post in return for fulfilling political orders.

“Today this agency has been alienated from society, largely due to this young man.

“Tsulukiani is also part of this process is unfortunate that she has become part of this falseness and farce,” said the former Minister.

TV channel reports four detained in Georgia for links to Islamic State

A Georgian TV channel reported on Sunday that special forces had arrested a person in the west of the country for allegedly being affiliated with the Islamic State.

The TV channel also reported that a further three persons were arrested a day before the special operation in Ozurgeti, also for connections with the terrorist organization.

The intelligence service has not yet confirmed the raids, but said it would inform the public of all the details soon.

According to Rustavi 2, a 23 year old man was arrested in the Nasakirala settlement in the Ozurgeti region. During a search of his house, police discovered an ISIS flag, a grenade and a machine gun.

The suspect’s parents, who were at home during the operation, told Rustavi 2 that they were sleeping when law enforcers broke through the door.

“I am praying, what else I can do?” his mother said. “He was at home, he never left for Turkey or elsewhere.”

About a week ago, police arrested Davit Borchashvili at Tbilisi airport and charged him with having links to IS. The court placed him in pre-trial detention because he is charged with a particularly serious crime.

Borchashvili denied involvement with the terrorist organization, but said he fought with the Free Syrian Army against both the Assad regime and IS.
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Air pollution within normal limits in Georgia

Overall air pollution does not exceed the allowable emission levels in Georgia.

The country’s National Agency of the Environment announced this news after the Agency finished the first phase of measuring air pollution levels nationwide.

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Gigla Agulashvili summed up the results yesterday and said that a special map would be prepared that would offer detailed information on pollution levels in different parts of the country. The map will apparently be useful when planning long-term future infrastructural and urban projects.

The results also showed the top pollutant in Georgia was vehicle emissions.

The Agency said the second phase of air monitoring would continue to create a broader picture of overall pollution and identify every possible pollutant in all towns and cities of the country.

Within the air pollution measuring project, 58 monitoring devices were installed in nine cities and towns of Georgia, including 26 in Tbilisi alone.

Italy ratifies Georgia-EU association agreement

Italy ratified the association agreement between Georgia and the EU, Mari Narchemashvili, a spokesperson for the Georgian Foreign Ministry wrote on her Facebook page November 26, Sputnik Georgia reported.

The EU and Georgia signed an association agreement in July 2014, which is an integral part of the agreement on comprehensive free trade area.

Italy was 27 out of 28 member-states which ratified the agreement. All EU member-states must ratify it for the document to enter into force.

The Georgian parliament ratified the association agreement between Georgia and the EU on July 18, 2014, while the European Parliament followed suit on December 18.