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Heavy snowfall causes restrictions in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, January 6
All the relevant bodies of Georgia were in action to settle the problems caused by heavy snow and storm. Photo by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

From December 31, at least 700 emergency calls have been received by the Emergency Situation Management Centre of Georgia following heavy snowfall, especially in the western and mountainous parts of Georgia.

The Agency stated that hundreds of cars and other vehicles were stuck in the snow unable to move forward due to the lack of appropriate tyres and other complications on the roads in different parts of Georgia.

The rescue teams also provided support to the nuns of the western Lanchkhuti region in the Tchkonagora village church, who were left without food, water and electricity following the show storm.

The rescuers also dug ambulances out of the snow with several patients inside, as the vehicles had been caught in the snowstorm en route to hospital.

The relevant bodies are also in search of three residents of eastern Lagodekhi region who remain missing after leaving three days ago to go hunting.

Georgiaís Road Department has retained restrictions on various road sections because of the threat of avalanches and storms.

According to the latest updates of the Road Department of Georgia, the only road section in the country that has remained completely closed due to the bad weather and risk of avalanche is the eastern Gudauri-Kobi highway.

The Aragvispiri-Larsi section of the eastern Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi route has been closed for trailer trucks, semi-trails and for transports with more than a 30-seat capacity. Other vehicles were permitted to pass, but only those with snit-skid chains.

Complications also remain on the Zestaponi-Khobi section of Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze route, leading from the east of Georgia to the west. The Road Department has appealed to people to refrain from using the road over the following days. In case of urgent necessity, the Road Department urged people to only use cars equipped with winter tyres.

With regards to the Rikoti pass Ė which also connects the eastern and western parts of Georgia - the area is open for all transport from Tbilisi to the western Samatredia region, but movement out of Samtredia is only allowed for vehicles with chained tyres.

Restrictions are in place on the western Tskaltubo-Tsageri route, on the so-called Gelaveri Pass and the Jvari -Khaishi road section. Relevant bodies have stated that today the sections will be opened for all types of transport, but again, only those quipped with winter chains.

The heavy snowfall has created electricity problems in some areas. It has been reported that nearly 2,300 families were left without electricity in the western regions of Samegrelo and Svaneti. Energo Pro Georgia, the electricity provider, has said that its personnel are working to ensure the resumption of electricity services in the coming hours.

The snowfall also affected the normal functioning of Batumiís port and Kutaisiís Davit Agmashenebeli Airport.

The heavy snowfall damaged several buildings in the coastal Adjara region, which has suffered a large amount of snow this year.

According to the weather forecast it will get warmer throughout Georgia from Wednesday, and temperatures will reach +10 - +11.