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Leuville estate to become Georgian

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, February 4
The Leuville estate of - approximately of around 5000 sq.m.- should be given to Georgia, according to the will of the leaders of First Georgian Republic, who purchased the land in exile in France, where they emigrated after the Bolsheviks occupied Independent Georgia in 1921.

After Georgia regained its independence 25 years ago, the process of transferring this property to Georgia continues. As the Georgian State Minister for Diaspora Issues Gela Dumbadze stated, the process is currently being finalized. A parity commission made up of French and Georgian representatives is carrying out assessment of the remaining technical issues.

The property has been assessed and diagnostic works are being carried out. More than 100.000 Euros have been allotted by the Georgian Government. Meanwhile, the park adjacent to the Tbilisi Youth Palace was given the name of the Georgian Republic.

The Leuville property will be used to support the Georgian Diaspora in France, as well as to facilitate and assist Georgian scholars and students studying and carrying out research in France.