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Thursday, March 3
Georgia is the most successful among the Eastern Partnership countries - Spanish Foreign Minister

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia is satisfied with his visit to Georgia.

According to the Spanish media, Jose Manuel Garcia said that Georgia can be considered the most successful among the Eastern Partnership countries.

According to him, Georgia is going through a profound reform course, within the framework of which the Association Agreement was signed with the European Union in 2014.

"The main priorities of the country are EU visa liberalization and integration with NATO ... Minister Garcia confirmed that Spain supports Georgia to overcome these challenges", - says the Spanish news agency. (IPN)

Georgian NGO umbrella organization elects new leader

Georgia’s National Platform, an umbrella organization for more than 100 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), has a new chairman in Kakha Gogolashvili, the director of the European Research Center.

He replaces Lasha Tughushi, who has served the maximum term of two years. Gogolashvili’s opponent was Ketevan Chachava, the head of the Development and Democracy Center.

The new chairman was selected at the seventh assembly of the National Platform at Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Tbilisi on Monday. New group coordinators were also selected.

Topics discussed ranged from issues related to the court system, human rights and labor issues to freedom of the media.

Five of the platform’s working groups presented their reports on activities in 2015 and future plans. Among the things discussed were challenges faced on the way to integration with Europe and ways in which to overcome them.

Georgia’s National Platform was created within the EU Eastern Partnership program and is the largest union of NGOs in Georgia, comprising a total of 148 NGOs. It aims to monitor democratic reforms and human rights, as well as the fulfilment of Georgia’s association agreement with the EU, which was signed in the summer of 2014. (DF watch)

Georgia should trust its friends on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration - Lithuanian Foreign Minister

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius attended the ceremony of placing a Georgian clay pot at the UN headquarters, the Foreign Ministry told IPN.

According to the Ministry, after the ceremony, Linas Linkevicius wished Georgia every success in achieving its goal "not only for its traditions, but for its highly motivated, consistent efforts and irreversible reforms".

"The strengthening of people to people relations has always been good and symbolic. Time is needed to come closer to our objectives. I hope that Georgia will reach its goal not only for the sake of its Europe traditions, but for its highly motivated, consistent efforts and irreversible reforms," said Linas Linkevicius.

According to the Lithuanian Foreign Minister, on the path of the Euro-Atlantic integration Georgia should trust its friends. (IPN)

Minister says land registration will simplify

Georgia's Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani met with the representatives of up to 400 Georgia-based private surveying companies.

The goal of the meeting was to agree on the private companies’ involvement in the development of surveying activity regulatory rules and new initiatives. According to the Ministry of Justice, the new initiatives will focus on the simplification of procedures for registration of real estate and protection of ownership rights. Their goal is to eradicate problems existing in the registration practices. As Tea Tsulukiani said, working on the development of a package of rules is likely to be completed and it will allow citizens to easily register their land and property. (