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Flood risks and Tbilisi

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 21
Austrian experts have arrived in Georgia to study and evaluate flood risks in the basins of three tributaries of the River Mtkvari in Tbilisi.

The experts have been invited by Georgia’s Minister of Environment, and wil carry out all necessary studies for the Tsavkisistskali, Digmiskhevi and Dzevdzmara rivers.

The Austrian specialists will examine all the risky areas in the basins of the rivers and produce relevant recommendations to prevent future losses.

Georgia’s Minister of Environment Gigla Agulashvili said such studies were necessary, especially after the deadly floods of June 13 last year, when 19 people died and infrastructural damage amounted to more than $50 million USD.

Georgia still lacks infrastructure that can reduce flood damage, but one of the main problems that can cause losses in lives and investments are illegal and sometimes ‘legal’ constructions.

In each part of the capital, new buildings are being built. If the pace is maintained, very soon Tbilisi will become a town of bricks, cement and blocks of flats.

The current government says permission for construction for a big number of developers was issued under the previous state leadership, and they cannot oppose the process.

However, new permission also cause suspicion amongst public and environment protectors.

There are many cases named by specialists when a building has been constructed in the wrong place, and people there could very easily become victims if another natural disaster takes place.

The government must consider the issue, as the process could cause dissatisfaction and unrest amongst the public very soon.