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Georgia-Saudi Arabia sign cooperation deal

By Messenger Staff
Monday, May 16
Georgia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement that will create a legal base for a range of future deals between the two nations in various directions in order for the countries to enhance their relations.

The Agreement about the Cooperation between Georgia and Saudi Arabia was signed last week at Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikheil Janelidze and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Georgia, Mesaad Ibrahim Al-Sulaim (who resides in Baku).

The agreement will create a legal base for future deals between the two nations regarding trade, investment, energy, agriculture, tourism and many others.

Janelidze said the deal was of the ‘utmost importance’ as Georgia and Saudi Arabia had ‘a lot of potential’ for cooperation, especially in terms of investment field, agriculture and tourism.

“It’s important for Georgia to attract Saudi Arabian investments and we can also export our agricultural products to their country,” Janalidze said, and noted that compared to previous years the inflow of tourists from Saudi Arabia to Georgia had increased by 80 percent.

Georgia’s Foreign Ministry highlighted that the opening of Georgia’s Embassy in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh in 2014 and appointing a Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Georgia in 2015 created a ‘very good’ precondition for successful future cooperation between the two countries.