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Tuesday, June 7
MP Tamaz Mechiauri establishes political party

MP Tamaz Mechiauri is creating a new political party together with composer Jemal Sepiashvili and former Deputy Minister for Diaspora Issues Sandro Bregadze.

Bregadze told IPN, he was been offered to join the party and subsequently accepted.

Georgian Dream youth party founder Davit Patsatsia, journalist Lali Moroshkina and murdered Amiran Robakidze’s mother, Ia Metreveli will also be the party members.

Ukrainian journalist died climbing Mkinvartsveri

A Ukrainian journalist, Pavlo Syvokon, 32, died in the Caucasus mountains near the village of Stepantsminda while climbing Mount Kazbegi, or Mkinvartsveri (5,047 m ).

According to the other climbers who found him and called for the emergency services, he was an amateur mountaineer and fell in a 25 metrex-cleft. He was already dead by the time rescuers recovered him from the cleft.

The incident happened on Thursday morning.

This is the first case of a tourist dying while climbing Mkinvartsveri this year. However, fatal cases are reported every year, as foreign mountaineers - whether professional or amateur – have significant interest in climbing the Caucasus.

A spokesperson for the emergency service told DF Watch on that the rescuers brought the body back to Tbilisi on Friday.

“You have to follow certain rules while climbing, take into account a variety of factors, and pay attention to equipment requirements. As other climbers told us, he didn’t have proper equipment,” the spokesperson remarked.

Emergency service personnel did not have any information as to whether the tourist was climbing alone or with anyone else, nor were they sure exactly what went wrong.

The wife of the victim, Natalya Huzenko, also a journalist, is in Tbilisi. She wrote on her Facebook profile that she was now taking care of the necessary documents to take the body of her husband back to Ukraine.
(DF watch)

Paintings of famous Georgian artists to be exhibited at Sotheby’s auction

Beautiful works of famous Georgian artists Niko Pirosmani and Lado Gudiashvili will be presented in the Russian masterpieces section at London’s Sotheby’s auction on June 7.

As reported by the auction webpage, the initial price of Lado Gudiashvili’s work ‘Pirosmani’s Portrait” will be 4000 pounds, while Niko Pirosmani’s “Roe Deer Drinking from a Stream’ has been valued at 150,000 pounds.

Former PM Bidzina Ivanishvili bought Pirosmani’s work ‘’Arsenali Hill” for 1 486 100 USD in June, 2015.

The paintings will be sold as part of the Russian section, but the painters’ nationality will be underlined.

Ex-Premier announces new format of communication with media

After rejecting Bidizna Ivanishvili’s suggestions by Rustavi 2 and Tabula TV, Georgia's ex-PM will announce a new format for the meeting with journalists tomorrow.

"Ivanishvili's proposal to meet with Rustavi 2 and Tabula journalists was refused by Rustavi 2's leadership, while Tabula TV expressed readiness for the meeting on neutral territory in the format: only Tabula and Ivanishvili will be there. After that, Tabula proposed to meet Ivanishvili with representatives of other TV channels, though this offer was rejected. So, two proposals were rejected. We will announce a new format of the meeting tomorrow,” Giorgi Udzilauri, head of the public relations department of "Cartu Group" posted on his Facebook page.