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Turkish Airlines plans to increase its revenues to $12.2B in 2016

Thursday, June 9
Turkish Airlines plans to get $12.2 billion worth revenues in 2016, Chief Marketing and Sales of Turkish Airlines Ziya Taskent said during a meeting with a group of Azerbaijani journalists in Istanbul.

The meeting was held during a press tour organized by the Turkish Airlines.

He noted that currently, the company's revenues from air transportation account for up to 5.9 percent of Turkey's GDP.

"We believe that this figure will increase to 7 percent in the next 20 years," said Taskent.

He said that 123 million passengers were transported within Turkey and through Turkey in 2014 and it is planned to increase this figure to 141 million passengers in 2016.

It is planned to increase this figure to 381 million people in 2034, as by that time, the Asia-Pacific region will become a leader in terms of the air transportation volume, while Istanbul, which is among three largest air hubs, will connect that region with other regions, according to Taskent.

He noted that the Turkish Airlines transported 61.2 million passengers in 2015 and 35 million passengers accounted for international transportation, while 26 million passengers accounted for domestic transportation.

"We plan to transport 41.8 million passengers on international routes and 30.6 million passengers on domestic routes in 2016. That's to say, it is planned to transport a total of 72.4 million passengers," said the chief marketing and sales of Turkish Airlines.

"The company's total revenues stood at $10.5 billion, while its operational profit totalled $682 million," he said. "We plan to increase the total revenues to $12.2 billion in 2016 and to $30 billion by 2023."

Further, Ziya Taskent noted that currently, the construction of the third international airport continues in Istanbul.

"The commission of the Istanbul Grand Airport is planned for February 2018," he said. "After the implementation of the first phase of construction, it will become the third largest airport in the world, while after completing all four phases, it will become the world's largest airport with the capacity of 150 million passengers per year."

"As for the Ataturk Airport, it will be closed down, however, it is not ruled out that it will be used for domestic transportation or for receiving cargo aircraft," Taskent added. (