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Electricity Consumption Grows after Georgian Manganese Resumes Works

Friday, August 5
In June, electricity consumption by direct consumers increased by 6.4% after Georgian Manganese (GM) resumed mining works.

According to Galt&Tagart information, the full effect of restoration of works by GM was recorded in June, because the company resumed works on May 20. The consumption by Georgian Manganese has increased by 14.3% as compared to the same period of 2015. Internal consumption in June increased by annual 7.3% at the expense of increased consumption of distribution licensees that was concentrated in Tbilisi and its suburbs (+13.4% year on year).

The quantity of Energo-Pro Georgia subscribers has also increased (+3.4% year on year). In June the exports increased by 14.6% compared to the same period of 2015, mainly at the expense of Turkey.

In June 2016 the ratio of Turkey in Georgia’s total electricity exports made up 50.2% (+23.1%), Russia – 29.2% (+5.6% year on year) and Armenia (20.6%, +32% year on year).

Electricity consumption increased annually by 14.8% in Abkhazia, while the consumption growth was considerably reduced. (