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De-facto Tskhinvali says it needs aviation to prevent locals receive treatment in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 28
Russia’s news agency TASS has reported that the de-facto leadership of Georgia’s eastern Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) region is discussing the prospects of creation of its own aviation ties with Russia.

“We are working with Russia about the issue to have our own aviation capabilities,” TASS quoted de-facto President of Tskhinvali Leonid Tibilov as saying.

One of the key reasons Tibilov named was that aviation is needed to prevent the residents of the breakaway region to receive medical treatment in Georgia, especially in the winters when the road to Russia is closed due to bad weather.

Tibolov stressed that the “authorities of Tskinvali had to permit their citizens to travel to Georgia for treatment as it was the fastest way to receive relevant medical support”.

The de-facto President also highlighted that there were significant health programs in Georgia for the people of the breakaway regions, supported by “powerful Western countries”.

“It turns out the programs serve as a forced measure for us. It is one of the reasons why we need aviation ties,” Tibilov said.

From this news, it is very likely that the de-facto leadership is afraid of Tskhinvali population traveling to Georgia.

The situation in both occupied regions of Georgia continues to worsen, with progress having badly stagnated.

If more people from the regions come to Georgia and receive some services in Tbilisi and see that the country is becoming similar to European states, it will be a threat to the de-facto authorities and Russia as they may lose control of the local population.

Such frequent visits and European prospects for the people of the occupied areas are steps towards the reconciliation, which Moscow and Tskinvali wish to guard against.

Russia and Nicaragua recognised the independence of Georgia’s two occupied regions of Tskhinvali and Abkhazia in 2008 after the Russia-Georgia war.

In 2009 Venezuela, Vanuatu, Nauru and Tuvalu took the same step, however several years later, Vanuatu and Tuvalu in the Pacific Islands revoked their recognition and now declare Abkhazia and Tskhinvali as integral parts of Georgia.