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November 19 was the fundraising event day for the ‘McLain association for children’,100% of proceeds support MAC

Tuesday, November 22
MAC, founded in 2008,strives to provide the services, resources and technical assistance necessary to enable individuals of all ages across Georgia to achieve their full potential. ( for more information visit page

MAC develops and supports profects, does medical interventions (supplies ,procedure, medicines), supports educational endeavors (financially and professionally), provides the expertise for handling disabilities, behavioral management, special needs education and crisis intervention.

Charity evening was organized with different activites. Such as Raffle of prizes, Beneficiaries Case Filing , who have cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders . two music band, who were involved too. All money will be used for specific families strengthen and support.

On fundraising event guests also were informed about MAC strategies:
-building the skills and knowledge of teachers, parents and care givers
-Supporting vulnerable people and service providers who supports them and doing good things;
-Encouraging the development of local support network
- Strengthening the systems of service provision
-Providing direct service, financial and or material service to those in need.

“McLain Association for Children is pleased to announce a call for proposals for small grant projects. we offer small grants of up to 4 000 U.S. dollars to encourage community initiatives and help mobilize, empower and support persons with disabilities and their families.Our well-educated professional staff are always ready to work and train across the country.” – says Jeremy Gaskill, a former U.S. peace corps volunteer in Georgia and manager of MAC

MAC believes that community-based initiatives have a critical role to play in mobilizing, supporting, and empowering both persons with disabilities and those that assist them. This call for proposals is intended as a way of bolstering those efforts.