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Cut in administrative expenses threat to unemployment

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 9
The Government of Georgia, which has already announced an increase on tobacco, imported cars, oil products and gambling taxes, has also said it will reduce administrative expenses.

Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili stressed that administrative expenses would be reduced by 10% from next year.

The opposition says the reduction is very likely to take place at the expense of people employed in state structures.

They also believe many of those people fired would be those who support other political parties and not the current authorities.

Majority member Eka Beselia said the reduction would take place at the expense of spending less on the Government’s luxury cars and other similar perks.

She said, however, the declines “may also happen” after some employees are fired.

Minister of Education Alexander Jejelava stressed those “who work hard must stay, and those doing nothing special must leave”.

The Governmental team did not hide the fact that people will be dismissed from different ministries, except from law-enforcement bodies.

There have always been talks by the civil sector and in media that staff in state bodies is artificially boosted and supported.

A source told The Messenger that several agencies were artificially created in the Ministry of Internal Affairs both under the previous United National Movement and current Georgian Dream Governments, when dozens who did their jobs appropriately have been fired, and others of their ilk would be dismissed in the future.

The creation of artificial agencies is very likely to take place in many state institutions.

Reforms in this direction is necessary, but how fair the process might be is a matter for debate.