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New power stato to be built in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 16
Georgia will receive additional energy supplies in the winter period from the Kheledula Hydro Power Plant (HPP), to be built in Georgia’s Kvemo Svaneti region in the Lentekhi municipality over the River Kheledula next year.

The construction will be carried out by the Turkish Anadolu Group on the basis of a memorandum of understanding signed between the Georgian government and the Anadolu Group in May, 2015.

The capacity of the Kheledula HPP will be 50.77 Megawatt and annually it is expected to get 250 GW / h energy supply.

Georgia’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Kakha Kaladze, and Anadolu Group founder Tugban Izzet Aksoy, signed a memorandum on the Kheledula-3 HPP construction on Thursday.

According to the memorandum the company is obliged to partially realize the processed energy on the local market.

The project will contribute to a long-term policy goals pursued by the Georgian energy sector, which means to satisfy electricity needs within the country step by step.

“With the construction of Kheledula-3 HPP, we will have our own product, produced in Georgia; in this case, it will be electricity,” Energy Minister of Georgia stated after signing the memorandum.

He said that the Turkish Anadolu Group will spend over $100 million on the construction of the HPP.

“The energy sector is very important for our country's economic and energy development. Such projects make our system more sustainable and move the country forward,” said Kaladze, and wished every success to the Anadolu Group.