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Abkhaz separatists insist Geneva Talks bring no positive results

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, December 29
Raul Khajimba, the so-called President of occupied Abkhazia, stated at a press-conference that the Geneva International Talks bring no positive results to Abkhazia.

The information was released by an Abkhazian information agency, Apsnypress.

“The Geneva discussions do not give anything positive in regards of Abkhazia therefore, we need to understand that Abkhaz people, regardless of their national composition, have the right to use all the opportunities laid down in international law," the article reads.

Khajimba also commented on the situation with the certification of inhabitants of Abkhazia’s Gali district.

"Unfortunately, the process was delayed. Once we said that the process developed not in the direction of the best scenario as there were flagrant violations. But today, we are giving citizenship for the residents of the Gali district, who had nothing to do with any military action,” Apsnypress reports.

Moreover, Khajimba placed particular importance on comprehensive development and strengthening relations with the Russian Federation.

“The promotion of establishment of the Republic of Abkhazia as a modern democratic state, strengthening of its international position, providing robust security and assistance in the social and economic reconstruction remain among the priorities of Russian foreign policy. This trend is laid down in the new edition of the Russian Federation Foreign Policy Concept, approved by President Vladimir Putin on November 30, 2016,” says Apsnypress.

The Geneva International Talks were established after the August War between Georgia and Russia in 2008. So far it is the only official format of negotiations between Russia and Georgia. Since then, nearly every round of discussions is ending without any particular positive outcome for any of the factions involved.