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Georgia should take first contact steps towards Trump administration

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, December 29
“Official contact between the Georgian government and Donald Trump’s team has not been established yet,” the Georgian edition of the Voice of America reports.

The report reads that foreign experts believe the Georgian government should take the first steps towards cementing relations with the new United States President.

An American Foundation researcher, Michael Cecire, thinks that Trump’s team is not well aware of foreign norms and the policy, and that Georgia should do its best to contact Trump’s team first.

“Georgia has an embassy in Washington, it also has lobbyists and friends whom it can contact and ask for support,” Cecire stated.

The expert believes that there are no guarantees that contact between Georgia and the US new administration will be successful.

“The main thing is how Georgia will manage to present itself to Trump’s administration and how it will show that Georgia contributes to global security and is America’s ally,” said Cecire.

Donald Jensen, an analyst at the European Policy Center, said the US transition team was not fully staffed and had not formed its priorities yet.

Like Cecire, he believes that the Georgian government should initiate contacts with Washington.

“I do not think Georgia is the priority of Trump’s administration. Therefore, the Georgian government should not lose time and should contact the new administration,” said Jensen.

The expert believes that many countries are confused about Trump’s future plans, and Georgia is among them.

“I think we should give Trump a chance, and wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, Georgia should reintroduce itself to Washington,” he added.