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Metro & cable cars free in Tbilisi on New Year’s Eve

Friday, December 30
Public transport will be free on New Year’s Eve in Tbilisi so that people attending outdoor celebrations can later get home more easily.

Metro and cable cars at Rike Park and Turtle Lake will be free of charge from 12am, December 31 through 4am on January 1, says Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania.

Today, Narmania summarised the achievements of 2016 and named the projects he believed were the most significant for the capital.

His number one selection was the New Tiflis project, which will be one of the top venues hosting the New Year events this year.

Being rehabilitated this year, with the second stage of reconstruction planned for 2017, Narmania said the project was "historic”.

The Mayor noted development of municipal transport system was among the top priorities of Tbilisi City Hall in 2016. He stressed several new European buses were already running along the city streets and in 2017 their number would further increase to 143.

Modernisation of metro vehicles was also underway along with renovation of roads, flyovers, bridges and streets so that people could easily move from one part of the capital to another.

The Mayor said more significant projects were planned to be carried out next year including the new Rugby complex for 1000 supporters that would host one part of World Rugby U20 Championship 2017 together with another Georgian town in west - Kutaisi. (