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Parking of electric taxis will be free of charge in Tbilisi in order to promote electric vehicles.

Friday, December 30
As the head of the capital’s Transport Municipal Service Mamuka Mumladze told reporters, the City Council made a very important decision yesterday and changes will be made to parking rules.

According to Mumladze, parking will be free of charge for electric taxis during the charging process as well.

Today there are approximately 50 electric vehicles in Tbilisi. Two private companies expressed a desire to carry out the electric taxi service. According to Mumladze, the City Hall will help those companies in the selection of places for charging the vehicles.

“Tax companies will be set up. There is already the Gino Paradise Company which has applied to City Hall with regards to the allocation of charging places under lease,” said Mumladze, and added that the M2 company has also appealed to the City Hall. (IPN)