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Wine and Alcohol Beverage Export Data of January-February 2017

Friday, March 10
According to the National Wine Agency, data from the last two months shows that 8,777,275 bottles (0,75l) of wine have been exported to 32 countries worldwide, which is 94% higher than similar data from last year.

In the period under review, 20.5 mil USD worth of wine has been exported, which is 91% higher than similar data of 2016.

“According to the data of February, export has progressive tendency, which is complimentary, due to the sequential work of the viticulture and winemaking field. In accordance with the marketing plan, we implement the arrangements with the agreement of the wine industry. Exports have increased on the markets of the European Union, China, the USA and also on the traditional markets, where the situation has become stable. This year has started really actively and we hope that the progressive tendency of the export will be maintained in all directions until the end of the year,” stated the head of National Wine Agency, Giorgi Samanishvili.

The top five of the exported countries are the following: Russia (5,717,289 bottles), Ukraine (859,756), China (832,552), Kazakhstan (389,040) and Poland (312,650).

The progress of wine exports in the major exporter countries for the beginning of the year is as follows:
USA - 3206% (31 740)
China - 280% (832 552)
Canada - 238% (24 360)
Germany - 151% (86 374)
Russia - 123% (5 717 289)
Latvia - 85% (183 720)
Kazakhstan - 15% (389 040)
Ukraine - 32% (859756)

In addition, in the period under review, 2,162,305 bottles of brandy have been exported to 9 countries worldwide, which is 51% higher than similar data from 2016. In total, 5.2 mil USD worth of brandy has been exported, and growth compared with similar data from last year amounted to 53%.

Exports of Chacha have also increased by 138%. In total, Chacha was sent to 13 counties worldwide. Exported Chacha income amounted to 99,000 USD, which is 119% higher than the data of the January-February period of last year.

In total, wine, brandy, Chacha, wine materials, and brand alcohol export income in the period under review amounted to 40.1 mil USD, which is almost double compared with the similar indicator of 2016, when income reached 20 mil USD. (