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National Food Agency warns

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, March 21
Georgia’s National Food Agency calls on citizens to refrain from buying food in places where appropriate standards of storage are not protected.

The statement came before spring and summer warm days started, when many vendors in Georgia sell products under the burning sun, without protecting even minimal food keeping standards.

The agency statement reads it is especially dangerous to buy high risk products - meat, fish, milk and eggs at unorganized trade places.

"The National Food Agency calls on the population to refrain from buying food in places where there is no proper storage conditions. The risk of food poisoning increases as temperatures rises.

“The National Food Agency warns you that the food stored in improper conditions poses a threat to your health," says the statement. But this is akin to the writing on cigarette boxes which clearly indicates that the product is dangerous, however smokers still smoke regardless of it.

The fact is that products at disorganized vending areas are generally cheaper then inside the regulated areas.

In a country where the vast majority of people live in poverty, settling the problem won’t be easy, especially as food in street markets remains relatively affordable even for low-income households.

The state agencies’ should control on such areas very accurately and consequently.

The government launched various clean-up projects in a number of areas to help street vending become safer.

However, the government must also ensure other vending areas for such people, as many of them are the only breadwinners for their families.

Yet overall, everything relates to the country's poor economic condition. Unfortunately, there are still no obvious signs that the economic situation will improve in the country anytime soon. The heritage of the former ruling UNM power left unsolved problems for the current leadership of Georgian Dream. On one hand the GD has to step forward, and on the other to catch up with the current moves.