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UN tourism head praises growing tourism in Georgia

Thursday, April 6
The United Nation’s World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Secretary-General is positively assessing the efforts made to develop Georgia’s tourism potential, accenting the growing number of tourists visiting the country.

“We see the phenomenal growth of tourism in Georgia. This growth is exceptional within the past two years. Last year 6.3 million international travellers visited Georgia, which is impressive,” said UNWTO secretary general Taleb Rafai, who met the head of Georgian National Tourism Administration Giorgi Chogovadze .

Rafai is one of the most prestigious guest of the third Euro-Asian Ski Resorts Conference on April 5-6 in Tbilisi.

“In 2015, Georgia earned the right to host two important conferences. One was the wine tourism conference held in 2016, while the other is the ski resorts conference. Both events promote Georgia and help the country establish itself on the world map as a cradle of wine and as a country deservedly famous for its mountain resorts,” said Rafai.

The UNWTO and representatives from Georgia’s private sector will sing the ‘Code of Ethics’ in Tbilisi. (