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Education Ministry bans unhealthy food at schools

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, May 1
The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MES) has implemented a recommendation, which envisages the prohibition of snacks (chips, crisps, sweets, chocolate), soda drinks (except fizzy mineral water) and any kinds of unhealthy food at the canteens of schools throughout the country.

“This problem has been unresolved for years. Unhealthy food products are available for pupils at schools, which threatens the health of the children,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

The ministry believes that the standards of healthy food should be raised at every school.

“Healthy food can help students to concentrate on a daily basis that will facilitate their abilities to easily learn school materials,” the statement reads.

The MES has also launched an active communicative campaign which involves students as well, according to which the students can elaborate on the strategy of healthy food and present it to the Ministry. The jury of the Ministry will evaluate the strategies and select the best. The work of the students will be appreciated by the educational authorities and they will receive additional credits for their presentations.

Education Minister Aleksandre Jejelava called on school administrations to remove all kinds of unhealthy food from school buffets.

The minister noted that the schools have contractor companies who provide them with the food.

“These are commercial organizations and they have an interest in earning maximum profits but the ministry and the parents want to regulate this filed,” he said.

Jejelava said that special monitoring will be carried out in every school periodically to eliminate any risks of unhealthy food being served.

“We will also be held a special information campaign at schools in order to transform schools into healthy institutions. This is our priority,” he said.

The minister also called on parents to inform the ministry in case of any violations in this field.