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Georgia 7th safest country

By Messenger Staff
Friday, June 23
Georgia has been ranked the seventh safest country in the world by global database Numbeo., the world’s largest database of user contributed data, surveyed 125 countries, and ranked Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Georgia, Japan, Denmark, Belarus, Switzerland as the top 10 safest nations.

Countries ranked the least safe were Venezuela, Papua New Guinea and Honduras.

The index takes into account change of crime level in the past three years and similar. gathered statistics from a range of sources such as governmental institutions, newspaper articles, websites of supermarkets and taxi companies and other surveys, to produce its results, as well as international media such as the BBC, Time, Forbes, The Economist, The New York Times, The Telegraph, and The Washington Post.

It is a fact that Georgia is a very safe country to visit, as there are extremely few incidents in which tourists face difficulties while traveling in the country.

Fatal cases which have been reported were mostly because tourists did not consider given recommendations, prohibitions and advice into account, and walked into dangerous areas. Besides, some amateur mountain climbers and alpinists try to move into the directions without having local experienced instructors and attempt to make their way alone.

Tourists frequently say that they face no problems when walking at nighttime and that Georgians are mostly very friendly to them.

Such indexes and facts, of course, raise the country’s rating as a safe country to visit and spend a good time.