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Larsi checkpoint at risk of landslide

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, August 16
The Larsi checkpoint between Georgia and Russia is working in an emergency situation because of the risk of a torrent-induced landslide.

On August 14, the checkpoint was closed and people evacuated from the scene.

Late on the same day, the flow of traffic was partially restored but it was later announced that from 12pm to 6am of August 15 the checkpoint would be closed again.

The Revenue Office of Georgia stated that the working regime was dependent on the weather and recommendations of the relevant bodies.

On August 14, a section of the road leading to the custom check point was closed to all vehicles due to the current weather situation.

Georgia’s Road Department said that the early warning system installed in the Amali-Devdoraki Gorge sent signal about a possible torrent in the Gorge after which people were evacuated from the Kazbegi (Larsi ) checkpoint and nearby roads.

The 134-135 km road section of the Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi road was closed to all vehicles and pedestrians.

The Road Department also said the Russian Customs Service was also notified about the situation.

The Larsi checkpoint is quite problematic due to its location in the mountainous area.

The road leading to the checkpoint is often affected by natural disasters, especially in cold seasons.

According to last information all the restrictions were listed. The traffic starting moving in regular mode in the direction Larsi checkpoint.