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Ruling party’s mayoral candidate vows Tbilisi transport strategy

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, August 22
The Tbilisi Mayoral candidate from the Georgian Dream ruling party, former footballer and Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze, vows he will provide a transport strategy for Tbilisi after being elected to the post.

The candidate has spread one of his video addresses in which he says how he sees the strategy.

“A couple of days ago I touched upon Tbilisi ecology, transport, unfair parking systems, the necessity to renew the public transport, its popularization and ensuring of comfort. I also spoke about the need to replace the current busses and the rehabilitation of Tbilisi’s metro,” Kaladze stated.

“The first thing that must be done is elaborating a transport strategy for Tbilisi. Without a common strategy, solving a certain problem will never end the problems. The strategy ensured under my leadership will play a key role for Tbilisi’s urban development,” Kaladze claimed.

He stressed that allowing construction projects in the capital will be dependent on the strategy, “to avoid chaotic construction endeavours”.

Kaladze claims he will do his utmost to develop the city’s transport, which will support the regional ecology at the expense of reducing car usage.

What Kaladze says is really very important for Tbilisi, which is home to over a million people but is turning into a domain of many ugly buildings.

His predecessor made similar promises, but transport issues have been ignored as they had been in previous years.

Of course, certain steps have been taken for transport renovation, but they have not been sufficient.

It is easy to give promises, but it is much more difficult to fulfill them. So let us he. All the candidates promise the nearly same thing.