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Tbilisi Mayor Sums up his three-year Work at his Last Meeting in City Hall

Tea Mariamidze
Friday, November 10
At the last meeting, during his three-year work in the City Hall, Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania summed up the results of his role on November 9.

The Mayor talked about the projects and programs implemented during the three years and three months of his term.

Narmania won the mayoral race in Tbilisi as the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) coalition candidate in July 2014. According to him, since then over 7 million m2 of roads were rehabilitated, two new roads were built and infrastructural reconstruction was carried out at 91 facilities.

The Mayor went on to say that 16 bridges across the city were tested for the first time since they were built in the Soviet era. Furthermore, he said 472 damaged residential buildings were rehabilitated, and 90 million GEL was spent on various relief efforts after the flood disaster on June 13, 2015.

“During my Mayoral term 12 new modern kindergartens were built in Tbilisi; and the construction of 13 new kindergartens is underway. In addition, we renovated 100 kindergartens," said Narmania.

The mayor also noted that 700,000 trees and plants have been planted in Tbilisi since summer 2014.

“During the three years, 196 new squares were arranged and 463 rehabilitated,” he added.

Cultural and sport events were also covered in the Mayor’s speech, saying since 2014, 899 cultural events were held with the support of the City Hall.

“36 new sports grounds were built and 441 were rehabilitated. Fitness zones were arranged in every district of the capital. A Rugby training complex was built and Dinamo Arena was renovated,” Narmania stated.

He also spoke about the projects implemented in the transport field, adding with the EBRD assistance, the City Hall purchased 143 new buses.

“We built bus lanes, and also started the modernization of metro wagons. In addition, 2 metro stations were repaired and 3 rehabilitated,” he added.

The Mayor underlined that a new metro station, University, was also opened during his term, with the support of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure.

Narmania’s three-year term expires on November 12, after which mayor-elect Kakha Kaladze will become the Head of Tbilisi City Hall.