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Georgia’s Emergency Service Launches New Mobile Application

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, February 13
Georgia’s Emergency Service 112, which operates under the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), has presented a new mobile application enabling 112 to immediate determinate the location of the citizen, who is asking for help.

MIA stated the application will significantly save time and enable law enforcers help the people in need on time.

The application has important functions such as sending a silent alarm to 112 (SOS) and correspondence with the operator (Chat). The user can use these functions in cases where there is no possibility of speaking.

The application is free and is supported by IOS and Android platforms and is available in Georgian, English and Russian languages.

Only 13 countries around the world have introduced a similar mobile app for urgent help centers.

“The new product, the mobile app will simplify the relationship between our citizens and 112, especially when they need urgent help," Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia said.

112 Director, Nika Gelashvili, stated the new application is the alternative form of communication between the citizens and emergency service.

“The application is available to all persons living or residing on the territory of Georgia,” he added.

112 is the 24 hour Emergency and Operative Response Center that receives emergency calls from all over Georgia via unified emergency number - 1-1-2.

It receives, processes and analyses incoming calls and transfers them to the relevant services. These services include: police, fire/rescue and ambulance.