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Aleksandre Kotorashvili's anniversary exhibition at TBC Gallery

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, March 7
Aleksandre Kotorashvili's anniversary exhibition, organized by the Sports Journalists Association of Georgia was held on March 5 at TBC Art Gallery.

Alexandre Kotorashvili started his career in sports photography in 1957. His exhibition presented works that reflect the last 60 years of Georgian sports.

The photos represented the dynamics, passion and spiritual breakthrough sports bring to people's lives.

Presentation of "100 photos of Aleksandre Kotorashvili" and Gogi Toradze's film "Photojournalist" was also held during the exhibition.

Kotorashvili has held various exhibitions in Tbilisi, including the exhibition in 2013 – “1963-2003 Georgian Sport History”.

In 1960s, Alexander Kotorashvili worked as a correspondent for the studio "Georgian Film", as well as a correspondent for sports journal "Martve". He is a journalist, member of the journalists association and a laureate of Mikheil Kakabadze's Award and also a laureate of Georgia's Independent Journalists' Award.

Aleksandre Kotorashvili is a winner of many photo competitions, exhibitions nationwide and internationally (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Germany, Poland and Japan).

The Sports Journalists Association of Georgia has been functioning since 1959 and counts more than a hundred members, actively cooperating with related international organizations.

The first sports magazine Shevardeni (Falcon) came out in Georgia in 1918. It was published by the sports society Shevardeni. In 1934, the sports paper First Athlete came out which was renamed into Lelo in 1949, and has been coming out under the same title up to present. Currently several sports magazines and newspapers come out nationwide. Sport events are being covered by TV companies and sports websites.