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Coca-Cola Coffee Plus to appear on Georgian Market

By Keti Donadze
Monday, March 19
New Coca-Cola Coffee Plus will be introduced to Georgian market very soon.

The information was shared by Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia on their Facebook page recently.

“Soon Coca-Cola’s new product will appear on Georgian market! Coca-Cola + Coffee: Excellent mix of Coca-Cola and genuine Brazilian coffee, with no sugar!

"+ Coffee" will help you maintain your energy all day long,” reads the post.

According to the company, the new product will cost about 1.50 GEL. The product will include 50% more caffeine than usual Coca-Cola.

The introduction of the new product is planned from the beginning of April.

Commercial and Marketing Manager of Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia, Irakli Abesadze confirmed the information with ‘Marketer’.

”No one has similar product in Georgia yet, Coca-Cola + coffee is very popular in other countries. As demand on caffeine is high in our country, we decided to catch up with trend and introduce a new product to customers that will be available by the end of March or in the beginning of April.

First, we will test and observe it at the market, and throw a large scale presentation after that. We posted it on Facebook in order to define expectations. Currently, we are going through procedures with Coca-Cola Company,” stated Irakli Abesadze.

The responses and feedbacks from the society on social media were very positive.