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Georgia Appears in Stoltenberg’s Annual Report

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, March 19
The Russia-Georgia conflict and the federation’s illegal actions on the territory of Georgia appeared in the annual report of the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg released at the end of the last week.

The Secretary General addressed the recent use of a nerve agent in the United Kingdom, noting that this was "the first offensive use of a nerve agent on Alliance territory since NATO’s foundation”.

The NATO top official underscored that all Allies agree that the attack was a clear breach of international norms and agreements and they have "called on Russia to address the UK’s questions”.

He said that the backdrop to the attack was part of "a reckless pattern of Russian behaviour over many years”.

“This behaviour includes the illegal annexation of Crimea and military support to separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The military presence in Moldova and Georgia against these countries’ will.

“Meddling in Montenegro and elsewhere in the Western Balkans. Attempts to subvert democratic elections and institutions. And the military build-up from the North of Europe to the Middle East,” Stoltenberg stated.

He also warned that the "blurring of the line” between nuclear and conventional warfare "lowers the threshold for Russia’s use of nuclear weapons”.

In his previous statement Stoltenberg highlighted that the Alliance’s door is open for Georgia.

"Georgia is implementing impressive reforms, strengthening their democratic institutions, modernising their defence institutional structures, and fighting corruption; and all of this is partly at least because of the aspirations to join NATO”, Stoltenberg said.