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Two Georgian citizens killed, five injured in Road Accident in Poland

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, March 20
Two Georgian citizens were killed and five injured as a result of a traffic accident in Poland late on March 16, on the road connecting Opoczno (Lodz Region) with Konskie (Swietokrzyskie Province).

The injured were transferred to the local hospital.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia released a special statement over the tragic fact, stating the body was acting appropriately to address the issue.

The ministry reported that the health condition of the injured individuals is stable.

“As soon as the information was received, the Georgian Consul in Poland, Teimuraz Purtseladze, went to the scene of the incident. He visited the victims at the hospital and met with local law enforcement agencies. The state of health of the victims is stable,” the ministry reported.

According to previous information, the Opel car slipped off the road and crashed into a bus.

Investigation has been launched into the accident.

The victims and the affected are all identified.