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Georgian Criminal Groups Detained in Greece and Spain

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, March 30
The Georgian Interior Ministry has reported that due to the cooperation with the country’s foreign allies Georgian criminal groups were detained in Greece and Spain this week.

The four Georgian detainees, who have not been identified by the Georgian Interior Ministry, have robbed about 200 flats in Greece.

They used to choose flats beforehand and then robbed.

The law enforcers seized money, weapons and stolen items from the accommodations where the detainees lived.

If found guilty for crimes including membership in a criminal group, money laundering and robbery, the individuals may face up to 20 years in prison.

Four other Georgians involved in crime were detained in Madrid, Spain several days ago with the help of Georgia’s Interior Ministry, the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs has reported.

The Georgian Interior Ministry claimed they facilitated the arrest as the body provided operative information on an organized criminal group robbing flats in Paris and city suburbs.

Police seized stolen items in large quantities, jewelry and nine weapons from the accommodation of the detainees.

The four have been charged with robbery, membership in a criminal group, illegal arms possession and the falsification of documents.

If convicted the individuals will face 2-5 years in prison.