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"Georgian Costume and Weaponry of 18th-20th Centuries"

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, April 18
Georgian National Museum presents the exhibition "Georgian Costume and Weaponry of 18th-20th Centuries" at Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia on May 18.

The exhibition will resemble the 18th-20th centuries. Different costumes showcase the diversity of Georgian clothing, different materials, colors, decoration and ornaments.

Weaponry created according to Georgian-Caucasian techniques will introduce the audience to the wide history and variety.

Jewelry and household items - furniture, musical instruments, family vessels, horse harness and many other objects will be presented at the exhibition.

The important costumes include Royal dress of King Teimuraz II, robe of Alexander Bariatinsky - Deputy of the Caucasus, Nino Gurieli's Georgian dress and feminine attire of Abkhazian and Ingilo women.

Tekla Batonishvili's personal sewing machine and tambourine painted by Mihaly Zichy add to the exhibition.

Special collection of weaponry includes swords, daggers, guns, revolvers of Colt, Lefaucheux, Smith & Wesson, Gasser, Nagant system, various types of attacking and defensive weapons, which were popular and actively used in the 19th century Georgia.

National Museum Week is usually celebrated in May with series of exhibitions and educational activities in Tbilisi and other regions.

National Museum Week has been held in Georgia since 2009, while International Museum Day has been marked by venues throughout the world since 1977.

Georgian National Museum was established at the end of 2004 and preserving the nation's rich, authentic content of cultural heritage, provides learning experiences for everyone. It supports the care and management of historical collections, both material and living, to expand and sustain the accessibility.