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Georgia Firstly Elected as an Executive Board of UN-Women Member

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, April 18
Georgia was elected as a member of the Executive Board of UN-Women, the Georgian Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday.

The operational activities of UN-Women are governed by the Executive Board and Georgia will remain as the board member for three years.

Voting was held in the frame of the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council Meeting in New York and Georgia was elected to one of the two vacant seats allocated for Eastern European countries.

Voting was held for 17 seats out of total 41.

Georgia will launch the three-year mandate on January 1, 2019 and will complete the duty in 2021.

“For Georgia, which was elected as the Board member for the first time, it is honor to provide further efforts for protecting women’s rights and actively participate in the process for ensuring gender equality,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry stated.

The Board consists of 41 members: 10 from African States; 10 from Asian States; 4 from Eastern European States; 6 from Latin American and Caribbean States; 5 from Western Europe and Other States; and 6 from top contributing countries.