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Monday, June 11
By Messenger Staff

Govít Finances New Music Festival in Anaklia

The government of Georgia has allocated more than 4 million GEL to finance a music festival in Georgiaís western Anaklia coastal town between August 23 and 26.

The new festival will substitute GEM Fest, which was running in the summers of 2015, 2016 and 2017 and was suspended due to the bad weather, financial collapse and drug intoxication of several people, as the festival coordinator Giorgi Sigua stated last year.

The government of Georgia announced that the total budget of the new festival is 6 million GEL. However, the remaining money would be covered by sponsors.

The artists who are scheduled to participate in the festival are: Solomun, Juan Atkins, Dzijan Emin, GPO, Francesco Tristano, Guti live.

Govít Re-announces Changes for Gambling

The ruling Georgian Dream party lawmaker Levan Gogichaishvili says that based on the planned changes an individual will have a right to gamble only with the use of an official bank account.

He says that a gambler will first have to put certain money on his/her official bank account and then transfer the money via paying machines, through internet, etc.

Gogichaishvili says that the measure enables the government to have information about the incomes of gambling businesses.

The lawmaker also said that an individual over 21 will have a right to gamble legally.