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Georgian Orphan’s Case May Make Changes in the UK

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, June 11
10 year old Giorgi Kakava, who became an orphan in December 2017, faces deportation from Glasgow, UK to Georgia, according to the British legislation.

Giorgi and his mother moved to Glasgow 7 years ago when his father was killed by criminals in Georgia. He has lived and studied in Glasgow and Scotland since then.

Giorgi's grandmother Katie Baikhadze, who he lives with in Springburn, is fighting for the right of his asylum.

Katie moved to Scotland 14 years ago. Her daughter joined Katie in 2011.

She says that before death, her daughter asked her not to leave Georgi' because she was scared about the child’s life.

“I'll give everything for Georgi because I get everything from him. I am very happy in Scotland, very happy,” the grandmother told BBC.

The family's case has been highlighted by Church of Scotland minister Rev Brian Casey and backed by local politicians.

He started a petition calling for Giorgi to be allowed to remain in Scotland. The petition was signed by more than 67,000 people in four days.

“Giorgi is, to all intents and purposes, Scottish and is doing well at his primary school. If he was returned to Georgia against his will, he would be under threat,” the petition reads.

Brian Casey also says that Giorgi’s schooling would be disrupted and his life would be at risk in Georgia.

Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Green party, also raised the issue at the Scottish Parliament on Friday. He addressed the Prime Minister Theresa May, asking her to promise Giorgi will not be sent to Georgia.

May responded that the case is specific and that the Immigration Service would make a decision about it.