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World’s leading Yacht Manufacturer Azimut Benetti Group to Launch Operation in Georgia

By Keti Donadze
Wednesday, July 25
The world’s leading yacht manufacturer will start operating in Georgia.

Specialists and experts consider the entry of the company as significant success for Georgia, presumably efficiently contributing to its economy.

As local Head of company, Giorgi Chikvaidze says, the decision is unprecedented and was taken after 6 years of hard work.

“I will talk about details during the special presentation, which will be held with the company’s leadership on July 31,” said Giorgi Chikvaidze.

Azimut Benetti Group is an Italian Brand owned by Paolo Vitelli. Currently, the company is managed by his daughter - Joanna Vitelli.

A leader in production, Azimut Benetti has the most expensive sales network in the boating industry worldwide, with 138 sites in 68 countries.

Being close to boat owners in all four corners of the globe is an ideal basis for delivering an outstanding level of service to the customers. The group has a division dedicated to financial services, yacht management and the development of marinas.

Azimut Benetti Group is the owner of all the important awards in the field in recent years.

Azimut Yachts came about in 1969, when the young university student Paolo Vitelli founded Azimut Srl, and began chartering sailing boats.

The company decided to define a new style and industry standards that would revolutionize the boat building industry, such as: large frameless windows and electric seats, and walnut interiors.