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Wednesday, July 25
Georgia rents helicopter from Belarus for emergency situations

Multifunctional helicopter MI 8 with a foreign pilot rented from Belarus entered Georgia yesterday.

MI 8 is a medium sized helicopter produced by Russia. It is among the world’s most produced helicopters, used by over 50 countries. At this stage GEL 891, 800 was allocated for this purpose, the Georgian Emergency Management Service reports.

The Emergency Service says that a three-month contract with the Belarus government has been signed and this agreement will continue even after October if necessary.

“This method [renting a helicopter] is used in many countries in case of absence of a certain type of a helicopter. This is a multifunctional helicopter and we are going to use it during an emergency like a fire or some other dangerous situations,” said the Emergency Management Service.

Georgian Rescuers Fail to Save Ukrainian Tourist on Tetnuldi Mountain

The Georgian Emergency Management Service staff was unable to save one of two Ukrainian tourists who got lost on the Tetnuldi Mountain, in Svaneti region of western Georgia on July 18.

The rescuers managed to reach the body only yesterday, as over the past five days it was impossible due to weather conditions.

A helicopter safely took one of the tourists out on July 18. However, due to a threat of avalanche, snow, mist and wind it became impossible to save the second tourist.

The tourists were 4,200 meters above the sea level.
(By Elena Chivadze)